Welcome to an evolving website devoted to the classic Jules Verne novel “20,000 Leagues Under The Sea” as re-imagined by Canadian artist Andrew King.

The Nautilus submarine featured in Verne’s novel had a variety of detailed technological and engineering features that are sometimes overlooked in other interpretations. After ¬†careful research of the available technology in the 1860s, and with some artistic licence for practicality merged with Verne’s imagination, the voyage of the Nautilus and her crew are illustrated in a most accurate manner.

Sketches, paintings and technical drawings utilize Victorian era technology and engineering to give the renderings a most “true-to-the-novel” interpretation as envisioned by Jules Verne.

On the 150th anniversary of the Nautilus’ journey under the sea in conjunction with the 150th Anniversary of Canada, this novel featuring the often overlooked Canadian character, Ned Land, a master harpooner from Montreal that joins the crew of the Nautilus in a fantastic underwater adventure.

Join along as we explore this unique new vision for a classic tale…

Andrew King

bioshot3cropBorn in Kingston, Ontario, Andrew moved to Ottawa in 1991 to study Industrial Design at Carleton University. During this time, he contributed to the Ottawa Citizen’s comics page and a number of his comics were printed in newspapers across North America. Andrew followed his love of cartooning and was accepted into the Television Animation program at Algonquin College where he graduated with Honours in 1997.

After graduating, Andrew began working in television with a number of local animation studios and continued his freelance design and animation work with studios in Vancouver, Montreal and Toronto. Currently Andrew resides in Ottawa, Ontario, where he continues to work as a freelance designer for animated television shows as well as doing conceptual design work for both live action and video game productions.

 Influenced and inspired by where he grew up on the water of Lake Ontario, his travels and Prince Edward County, his work evokes both humour and emotion through minimalism, lighting and colour.

His work has been featured in a number of art exhibitions in Ottawa, Toronto, Guelph and Muskoka, as well as in galleries across Ontario. His work appeals to a wide range of audiences and continues to evolve as he progresses his art form.